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Code of Conduct for Students

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  • Hostal Rules
  • Library Rules
  • Transport Rules
  1. Students are expected to maintain the highest standards of discipline and dignified manner of behavior inside as well as outside the College campus. They shall abide by the rules and regulations of the College and should act in a way that highlights the discipline and esteem of the College. 
  2. A five-day working schedule from Monday to Friday is followed. Classes are scheduled from 9.00 a.m. to 4.20 p.m. Students should enter the campus in time. Maximum grace of 15 minutes will be allowed. The Institute gate will be closed after that. Once the students enter the campus they shall not be allowed to leave before the end of the academic classes or after obtaining prior approval from HOD. 
  3. It is imperative that the student attends the Institute from the day of opening to the last day of each semester during the academic year.
  4. Students must carry his/her I-Card every day while attending college.  The student must wear the college uniform on the specified days, during visits outside the campus, or as specified from time to time..
  5. The student should note that he/she is responsible to the authorities of the Institute not only for his / her conduct on the premises of the Institute but also for his/her general behavior outside.
  6. Use of tobacco & alcohol, chewing of betel leaves and chewing gums, etc. are strictly prohibited within the premises of the Institute. 
  7. Students are strictly forbidden from organizing or attending any unauthorized meeting in the Institute or collecting money for any purpose without the prior written permission of the Principal. 
  8. Students are forbidden from organizing Groups, Unions, or Associations based on caste, color, creed, language, nationality or political ideology within the campus. 
  9. Any reported, observed, objectionable conduct within or outside the premises of the Institute will make him/her liable for strict disciplinary action. 
  10. Students should respect and be courteous towards the members of the faculty as well as all the employees of the Institute. 
  11. The Institute maintains absolute discipline and students violating this are liable for severe penalties including expulsion. 
  12. Students expelled on grounds of indiscipline will not be entitled to any certification or refund of fees and caution deposits. 
  13. Ragging of any sort is strictly prohibited. Students found guilty of this are liable for severe punishment including dismissal from the Institute / Hostel. The matter will be referred to the police, as the Government has declared ragging a criminal offense. 
  14. Any student found responsible for any damage to the Institute properties (fittings, furniture and equipment, etc.) will be punished severely and the cost of damages along with the fine will be recovered from the students. The Institute reserves the right to expel such students.
  15. No student shall take part in any anti-social or rebellious activities. No student shall be a member of any group, organization, or association not connected with the Institute, without the prior written permission of the Principal. 
  16. Students should conduct themselves at all times in a fitting manner so as to bring credit to themselves and to the Institute. 
  17. Any dress code violation noticed within the campus is liable to disciplinary actions. 
  18. Keep the campus neat and clean. Do not put any waste anywhere on the campus except in the waste baskets kept. 
  19. It is strongly advised to refrain from activities such as scribbling or noting on walls, doors, or furniture which could deface the college and destroy the academic ambiance. 
  20. Students are not permitted to arrange any unauthorized celebrations and decorations of any magnitude on campus. 
  21. Students are not permitted to distribute or display (both physically and electronically) material such as notices, banners, etc. on the campus without the permission of the competent authority. 
  22. Students who intend to represent the college in intercollegiate events shall take prior permission from the concerned head of the department and the selection will be based on parameters such as academic performance, attendance, character, existing academic load, and competence of the student in the proposed event for participation.
  23. Students should strive hard and contributet to maintain peace on campus. If a student gets proven in a case of gross misconduct such as violence, riots or disorderly behavior, fraud, misappropriation of funds, or immoral conduct directed on a fellow student or faculty or staff, He will be subject to immediate expulsion from the Institute. 
  24. In matters of indiscipline, the decision of the director, committee, or the concerned authority will be final.
  1. The use of mobile phones in the classroom is banned. The mobile phones shall be kept in silent mode inside the Institute. 
  2. Students must be regular in attendance for theory and practical classes. In case the attendance falls short of 75% for each,students will not be allowed to sit for the examination. 
  3. Students must maintain punctuality while attending all the theory and practical classes.
  4. There will be two MST's during the semester out of which best of the two will be taken for internal assessment.
  5. The internal assessment/of the session will be based on the continuous evaluation of students through attendance, class tests/mid semester tests, quizzes, seminars, home assignments and class work.
  6. No student will be allowed to appear in the final examinations without clearing his/her college dues/satisfactory performance.Students damaging college property will be severely dealt with.
  7. Students should especially note that if the student fails to complete the semester academic work regularly and to the entire satisfaction of the Head of the Department, his/her term will not be granted, and will not be allowed to appear for the semester examination. 
  8. Students are expected to maintain silence in the academic buildings to maintain decorum and any deviant behavior such as hooting, whistling, loitering, etc. will be treated as an instance of indiscipline. 
  9. Planned absence from classes and instigating the students to remain absent or to go on strike is a serious breach of discipline and may result in expulsion from the Institute.
  10. For independent study, students are expected to use the classrooms, library, or the demarcated areas of the academic building and shall not resort to sitting in staircases or circulation areas where they could interfere with the free movement. 
  11. Access to academic buildings beyond the above timing and on holidays without written permission from the concerned HOD will be treated as a case of indiscipline. 
  12. Students should observe the safety regulations in the workshop and laboratories. 
  13. Students should take care of tools, apparatus, or other equipment given to them and should preserve the cleanliness of the laboratories and the workshop. 
  14. Students should avail themselves of all opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills during their period of study.

“Ragging is totally banned in the institution, and anyone found guilty of ragging and abetting is liable to be punished appropriately.” The Supreme Court of India has laid down very strict rules for implementation of Anti Ragging measures to avoid occurrence of undesirable activities such as ragging inside or outside the campus. Any individual or collective act or practice of ragging constitutes gross indiscipline.

Ragging ordinarily means an act conducted or practiced by which power or status of senior students is brought to bear upon students freshly enrolled or students who are in any way considered junior by other students and includes individual or collective acts / practices which involve:

  •         Physical assault , threat or use of physical force.
  •         Violation of the dignity of female students.
  •         Exposing students to ridicule and contempt and hurting their sentiments and self-esteem.
  •         Entailing verbal abuse, aggression and indecent behavior

Strict norms have been laid out to ensure smooth induction of new students into the campus as well as to ensure that no undesirable activity takes place under any circumstance. All students will be made to sign anti- ragging declaration. Exemplary punishments will be accorded to the defaulting students which may include rustication from the Institute and handing over the defaulter to the police for dealing with criminal offense of ragging.

  1.   Attendance shall be taken daily in the evening at a specified time. Parents shall be informed in case the resident is found absent. Mobile phones are not allowed at the time of Attendance.
  2.   It is compulsory for all the students residing in the hostel to eat in the hostel mess at dining tables only. In case of sickness food may be taken to room with prior permission of the hostel warden. Mess timing will be notified.
  3.   No function or a party shall be organized in the Hostel without the written permission of the Director/Principal.
  4.   Rooms should be kept neat and clean, students are fully responsible for any damage to the hostel property. Defaulters shall be penalized.
  5.   Cupboards should be properly locked. Jewelry, Cash and other Expensive items are not allowed to be kept in the rooms. The college authority is not responsible for any loss of such items.
  6.   Use of Heaters//Electric iron in the rooms is prohibited.
  7.   Director/Principal/Hostel Warden or a person nominated by the Director can check the hostel rooms any time.
  8.   Relatives, outsiders and day scholars are not permitted in the rooms.
  9.   Parents/Guardians should visit the students during specified visiting hours only in the warden's office on Sundays & holidays (Timing 9 AM to 5 PM). No male/female visitor is permitted inside the girls/boys hostel premises.
  10. Students are not allowed to meet any visitor, not mentioned in the list of visitors permitted by the parents or guardians which is submitted at the time of admission.
  11. Indiscipline shall be dealt with strictly.
  12. The students can not go out without the approval of their parents on a printed performa then only they may be allowed to go out on their own (Printed Performa can be collected from wardens).
  13. A student can leave the hostel only on obtaining the gate-pass from the hostel warden for the same and one pass is valid for one student only.
  14. Absence from the hostel without permission is not permitted. Defaulter shall be dealt strictly.
  15. The student should positively return to the hostel by the notified time, otherwise he/she will not be allowed to enter without the permission of Warden/Principal/Director. Parents are requested to cooperate.
  16. If any student extends her leave period for night stay, the parents / guardians should inform the hostel warden within 24 hrs. Otherwise serious action will be taken against the student.
  17. Students should switch off the lights or fans before leaving the rooms. Failure to do so will invite a penalty.
  18. Parents are required to inform the Hostel Warden when students reach their home.
  19. Students are not allowed to interchange the rooms without written permission from college authorities.
  20. Smoking and drinking alcohol/drugs is strictly prohibited in the institute/hostel.

Mess Timings:

The mess timing are usually determined/fixed by the hostel warden.

  1. Library card (LC) will be issued to the staff and students of the college. Others can use the library only with special permission from the authorities.
  2. LC will be issued to the registered members which is  non-transferable &  to be renewed every year.
  3. A lost Library Card, if found, should be immediately deposited in the library.
  4. Intimation of the loss of LC must be reported to concerned authorities in order to avoid any misuse.
  5. The timings for the issue and return of the books will be as notified.
  6. Personal books and belongings are to be deposited at the property counter near the library entrance. Members should not leave valuable items like cash/mobile/jewelry etc. at the property counter.
  7. Taking books out of the library without authorization, marking or underlining or in any way disfiguring books or library property is a misdemeanor, which may lead to withdrawal of Library privileges or in serious cases to heavy fines.
  8. The 'Non dues Certificate' can be secured from the library after surrendering the Library Pass Book and clearing all library dues.
  9. Change of address should immediately be reported to the issuing authorities.
  10. No library reading material would be considered returned until it has been returned to the library personally at the circulation counter.
  11. The last borrower shall be responsible for any damage to the reading material unless it was pointed out at the time of issue.
  12. Number of books to be issued will be notified.
  13. Students not returning the books by the due date will be charged fine.
  14. College employees are not responsible for any loss/damage of belonging.
  1. The transport facility, on a payment basis, is arranged by the institute to facilitate the Day Scholars. All the buses are centrally managed by the institute administration.
  2. The transport facility is for the full academic session and optional for the Day Scholars. The allotment is purely on a first come first serve basis to the students who undertake to abide by the transport rules and regulations of the institute.
  3. The institute reserves the right to frame, amend, revoke, repeal and enforce the Rules & Regulations, as and when deemed fit; and students shall be well versed and updated with the amended Rules & Regulations as applicable from time to time. The institute shall not be bound or responsible for intimating each student separately in any manner, in this regard.
  4. Institute has complete authority to inspect transport vehicles including personal belongings during transit or at any time in and outside the campus.
  5. The institute reserves the right to deny transport facility to any student on the grounds of misconduct/ Indiscipline.
  6. Ragging, by law, is strictly prohibited. Any student who is traveling in the colleg bus found indulging himself/herself directly / indirectly in any activities like theft/ragging/fighting/quarreling/use of abusive language / misbehaving with fellow students, juniors/seniors or Staff members shall be considered a serious misconduct /indiscipline and strict disciplinary action shall be initiated against him/her as deemed necessary or may be handed over to the police for legal proceedings. 
  7. Eve teasing and public display of affection are strictly prohibited in the institute campus as well as during transit. Any kind of violation will attract strict disciplinary action including expulsion from the institute.
  8. Use of any kind of intoxicants (like Drugs, Smoking, Drinking) Gambling, Playing Cards, Photography (without permission), etc., are strictly prohibited on the institute Campus as well as during transit. Students involved in any such action shall be liable for STRICT disciplinary action.
  9. The students availing of the transport facility shall be responsible for all the personal belongings and the institute management is not responsible for theft/loss of property during travel by bus.
  10. All students must reach their respective bus stops at least 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the bus. Students will board the buses from the assigned boarding point/location only..
  11. The Boarding is entirely at the risk of the student availing transport facility. The institute management does not own any type of responsibility towards compensation of any nature whatsoever.
  12. In case of breakdown of the institute bus due to mechanical fault or any reason, no charges towards alternative conveyance would be paid, however, efforts shall be made to make alternate arrangements.
  13. No one would be compensated for the distance covered by students for boarding the bus from the designated point.
  14. Buses will run on predetermined routes as laid down by the institute. Students will be assigned routes and pick-up points. The same shall be subject to change from time to time.
  15. Students are advised to occupy their bus seats at least 5 minutes before the departure from the institute campus. No one will catch the bus while it is in motion.
  16. Any student found traveling by bus without having paid the transport fee, he/she shall be liable to be fined Rs.1000/- for the first time and if repeated, the student shall be assumed as a regular traveler and charged full transport semester fee plus fine.
  17. Students are advised to carry a transport ID card (Bus Pass) all-time during transit and are liable to produce the same as and when asked by the institute authorities. Traveling without a Bus Pass is strictly prohibited and for any violation, a fine will be imposed each time.
  18. Students are not permitted to change bus routes on their own. Strict disciplinary action shall be initiated against defaulters.
  19. Students have to carry a bus route letter/fee receipt while coming the first time.
  20. Students are liable to pay for any damage caused by them to the transport vehicle or property therein either alone or jointly with others. In addition, disciplinary action could also be initiated against them.
  21. Students staying in the hostels are not permitted to travel in the buses until and unless they have been specifically authorized (written consent from the transport department) to do so.
  22. No one plays loud music (Earphone music is permitted). No hooting, clapping, singing, or loud talking on the bus is allowed.
  23. The lost or stolen ID cards can be re-issued on payment of charges.
  24. Transport Fees are charged on annual basis and the same shall be deposited at the start of the session, every year.
  25. The students undergoing Industrial training can deposit one-semester fees with the prior   approval of the concerned Dean as well as the transport department.
  26. Students are expected to pay full transport fees. Partial payments/Installments would not be  entertained unless special permission is taken from the authorities.
  27. Transport fee once paid will not be refunded /adjusted except for the student who leaves the course during the first semester only.
  28. Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE if the transport is withdrawn on grounds of violation of rules & regulations.
  29. Transport charges are subjected to revision every year.
  30. The institute reserves the right to modify / cancel or amend all or any of these rules and issues supplementary rules or amended rules without prior notice and shall be applicable with effect of notification of such amendment.
  31. For any transport related query, please refer to the Incharge Transport.
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