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NAAC Criteria

Key Indicator 3.2- Innovation Ecosystem

Metric No.ParticularsAdditional Doc 1
3.2.2. QnMNumber of workshops/seminars conducted on Research Methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and entrepreneurship during the last five yearsClick Here

Criteria 3- Research, Innovations and Extension

Key Indicators 3.4 – Extension Activities
3.4.1. QlMExtension activities are carried out in the neighborhood community, sensitizing students to social issues, for their holistic development, and impact thereof during the last five years.Click Here

Criterion 6- Governance, Leadership and Management

Key Indicator- 6.3 Faculty Empowerment Strategies
6.3.3 QnMAverage number of professional development /administrative training programs organized by the institution for teaching and non teaching staff during the last five yearsClick Here
6.3.4 QnMAverage percentage of teachers undergoing online/ face-to-face Faculty Development Programmes (FDP) during the last five years(Professional Development Programmes, Orientation / Induction Programmes, Refresher Course, Short Term Course etc.)Click Here

Criterion 7- Institutional Values and Best Practices

Key Indicator – 7.1 Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities
Metric No.ParticularsAdditional Doc 1Additional Doc 2Additional Doc 3
7.1.1 QlMMeasures initiated by the Institution for the promotion of gender equity during the last five years.Click Here
7.1.3 QlMDescribe the facilities in the Institution for the management of the following types of degradable and non-degradable waste (within 500 words)
  •  Solid waste management
  •  Liquid waste management
  •  Biomedical waste management
  •  E-waste management
  •  Waste recycling system
  •  Hazardous chemicals and radioactive waste management
  •  Relevant documents like agreements/MoUs with Government and other approved agencies
  •  Geotagged photographs of the facilities
  •  Any other relevant information
Click HereClick Here
7.1.8 QlMDescribe the Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment i.e., tolerance and harmony towards cultural, regional, linguistic, communal socioeconomic and other diversities (within 500 words).Click Here
7.1.9 QlMSensitization of students and employees of the Institution to the constitutional obligations: values, rights, duties and responsibilities of citizensClick Here
7.1.11 QlMInstitution celebrates / organizes national and international commemorative days, events and festivalsClick HereClick HereClick Here
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