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Faculty Code of Conduct


The Principal/Director of the Institution should always be honest, fair, objective, supportive, protective, and law-abiding. Besides, the following traits are expected from the Principal. He/ She should

  • Chalk out policy and plan to execute the vision and mission of the institute.
  • Finalize the Institute Academic Calendar in line with the University calendar.
  • Ensure quality in education and academic activities.
  • Ensure that the staff and students are aware of rules, policies, and procedures laid down by the institute and enforce them fittingly.
  • Monitor the overall discipline and administration of the Institute.
  • Form various institute-level committees and appoint chairperson/coordinators.
  • Convene meetings of different Cells/Clubs as and when required.
  • Motivate faculties to enhance their knowledge by attending various training sessions.
  • Create an environment conducive to research-oriented academic discussions and thus promote research activities in the institution to add further to the knowledge.
  • Responsibly address, attend to, and resolve all issues concerned with the stakeholders of education.
  • Be fair in his/her actions to all the members of faculty, non-teaching staff, and students.
  • Carry himself/herself with the highest integrity and has to exhibit outstanding and strong leadership skills.
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