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Strategic Business Plan 2018-2023

1. March towards Accreditation and Rankings​

  • To lay the path to lead Gulzar Group of Institutions towards a NAAC Accreditation by 2022
  • To get the NBA Accreditation for CSE and ME program by 2023
  • To plan for NIRF ranking and come in top 200 institutes by 2021.

2. Academic Infrastructure, ICT Tools & Laboratory apparatus

  • To plan & mentor infrastructure enhancement in both movable and immovable assets in the library.
  • Establish and regularly upgrade Digital & E-Library
  • Automation of learning resources using LMS
  • Remote access of e-materials
  • Optimum circulation of library resources
  • More space allocation for library with a period of time
  • Provide academic infrastructure in the form of well-furnished class rooms, tutorials, seminar halls, advanced laboratory system & equipments
  • Up gradations of hostels, staff quarters, sports & recreational infrastructure as and when required

3. Principles & Practices of Good Governance

  • To guide and approve policy matters & code of conduct.
  • To guide and supervise Institute’s march towards its vision
  • Setting the smart short and long term goals
  • To guide the commissioning & implementation of Institutional Strategic development plan
  • To mentor & monitor performance and setting benchmarking.
  • To maintain transparency in Leadership & appointment of Key positions
  • To mentor the implementation of grievance redressal systems
  • To establish leadership roles and develop future leaders
  • To encourage the policy of decentralization
  • To put into practice E-Governance
  • To review and amend institutional hierarchical structure
  • To define responsibility and accountability in the hierarchy

4. Anticipation, Acquisition, Allocation, Appropriation and Assessment of Funds

  • To formulate budget & set growth-development plans
  • To forecast expenditure and revenue
  • To make emergency plans
  • To authorize all the budgetary recommendations received from different hierarchical bodies.

5. Green Campus

  • Mentoring of green campus initiative through Plantation, Rain water harvesting and green cover
  • Establish Bio gas plant and solid waste management (zero plastic usage)
  • Monitor Reuse of waste material and efficient usage of recycled waste water from SWTP
  • To promote use of solar energy wherever possible.

6. Human Resource Management

  • Promote talent and merit based hiring policies.
  • Establish Career advancement Schemes.
  • Encourage critical talent identification & retention measures.
  • To implement the AICTE scales for all cadres/ designations.
  • To create additional cadres for deserving staff.
  • To commission rewards- recognitions & initiatives.
  • Welfare policy formulation & implementation.
  • To ensure a conducive & safe working environment.
  • Motivation to be inherent part

7. Teaching Learning and Evaluation Process

  • Identify, customize & implement best practices in teaching-learning processes & benchmark viz-a-viz other premiere institutes.
  • Design & implement content beyond syllabus complimenting industry requirements.
  • To provide LMS to support students & faculty members.
  • To create a progressive environment to develop competencies in all the stakeholders
  • To help in creating a system of continuous progress and strong feedback from stakeholders
  • To mentor academic, career and higher educational opportunities.

8. Industry-Institute Interface & Incubation cell

  • Invite industry experts for guest lecturers /talks/seminars
  • Identify branch wise preferred industries & companies for visits
  • Identification of potential areas of research
  • MoUs with industries/companies
  • Membership of professional societies
  • Consultancy and testing facilities to industry
  • Establishment of a dedicated Incubation center
  • Budget /seed funding for initial projects
  • Identification of emerging areas of entrepreneurship
  • Identify interested students for entrepreneurship
  • Identify mentors from successful entrepreneurs from Alumni
  • Provide incubation support for students

9. Research, Development and Innovation

  • Enhancing R &D laboratories in all departments
  • Modernization of and removal of obsolescence from the laboratories.
  • Dedicated Competent Technical staff for R & D labs
  • Start new journals with scopus indexing
  • Setting of Patent filing & monitoring cell
  • Appointment of Patent Attorney.
  • Encourage paper publications and presentations

11. Quality Assurance Systems

  • Establishment of quality systems through accreditations & rankings.
  • To create Internal Quality Assurance & Assessment cell(IQAC)
  • Timely auditing & improve internal controls

12. Training, Internships & Placements

  • To establish a dedicated team for training, internships and placement
  • Make available infrastructure required for training purposes.
  • Maintain database of various potential industries/ companies
  • Value-added programs to enhance soft skills
  • Celebrate high-order placements

13. Holistic Approach to Education

  • Annual budget allocation for Curricular & Co-Curricular activities
  • Establish state of the art infrastructure (indoor/outdoor)
  • Formation of various clubs
  • Regular training/ coaching classes through internal experts.
  • Participation in inter & intra college tournaments/competitions
  • Hosting Competitions/ tournaments at university level

14. Alumni Interaction

  • Establish & strengthen the alumni association
  • Continuous up gradation of alumni data base and commission interactive alumni website
  • Leverage alumni for quality internships/ placements

15. International Initiatives

  • Attracting foreign students for diversity in the campus.
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