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R&D and Consultancy Policy

  • Individuals or groups of faculty members/ students are encouraged to undertake R & D projects. Management of GGI may provide seed money up to Rs 10,000 with the approval of the R & D Committee and help in applying for further grants, if required, from funding agencies.
  • Faculty members are encouraged to undertake consultancy and R & D assignments from institutions or industries appropriate to the competence of an individual / group.

The faculty shall undertake such assignments with the prior approval of the Director and information to the R & D Committee.

The faculty may avail the administrative & infrastructure facilities of GGI for the same.

  • The faculty can associate other faculty for working on the assignments.
  • The Principal Investigator (PI) shall levy such consultancy charges on the beneficiary organization as appropriate in line with the quantity and quality of professional work involved.
  • Depending upon the type of professional work involved in the consultancy project, the project may require the use of institutional facilities such as testing on the institutional equipment, etc (Type I project) or may not require the use of institutional facilities (Type II project).
  • PI (and his team) will share the consultancy amount with GGI in the ratio of 70:30 for Type I projects and 80:20 for Type II projects.
  • The member of staff associated in the project shall be paid honorarium by the PI appropriately from the consultancy amount, on approval of Director /Principal with a cap of 50% of the salary of the staff for the period of association of the staff with the project work.
  • GGI will provide financial incentive of Rs 20,000/- (Rs. Twenty thousand) to the faculty /team who gets a patent granted for any innovation /research. There is no maximum limit on the number of patents filed by an individual /team.
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