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Chairman's Message

For more than one decade, Gulzar Group of Institutes has worked to serve the community and address some of our society’s most pressing challenges of quality education at an affordable cost. A USP of our group is the amazing breadth of academic expertise. At Gulzar Group of Institute, we celebrate a culture of academic excellence, collaboration, and innovation with the goal of transformation. Students from all backgrounds and fields of study from 21 Indian states and 13 nationalities have enjoyed the opportunity to engage in the Gulzar’s vibrant innovation ecosystem. Our unique academic environment accelerates learning through experiences that connect ideas to actions and classrooms to careers. The power of learning with and from well-qualified teachers, as mentors in the world of innovations and discovery, is unequaled. Gulzar group is an incubator of ideas and provides relevant, and powerful preparation for the future. The results of students proactively exploring their passions and talents at Gulzar are tangible evidence of what curiosity, hard work, and timely guidance can accomplish. Our Alumni is making technological, social, and business impacts on our society. They have embodied our motto: “Aspire! Act!! Achieve!!!” In short, the group has much to celebrate and much to look forward to as we continue to invest in academic excellence. I thank all community members and supporters who ensure that we excel as we advance our most important mission

S. Gurcharan Singh, Chairman
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Gulzar Group of Institutes

General Secretary's Message

Dear Students, Thank you for stopping by our website. Throughout the last ten years, there have been so many extraordinary achievements from Gulzar students. You have enlivened your classrooms and labs, served your society, supported your family, friends, and class fellows, and shared your voices and perspectives to make Gulzar a better academic institution. At this time, when India is already on the path to becoming another economic giant our expectations and pressure are elevated, I encourage you to reflect on all that you’ve already achieved. Much of the knowledge that you will rely on during the coming years is already within you. Now is a time to augment and strengthen your understanding so that you may apply it to impressive effect. The Institute stands at the frontiers of disruptive technologies and global innovations. I invite you to peruse the extensive range of resources and opportunities that we offer to all the members of the Institute. From classrooms to laboratories, the amenities are both plenty and first-rate. Most important of all, the teaching and non-teaching staff at the Institute combine in them the caliber and culture to help students fulfill their higher education goals. During the last decade, there were high points and also a few challenges. Moments of remarkable success and moments that tested us. Through it all, the spirit of The Gulzar Group of Institutes shone through in the actions of our students, faculty members, staff members, and alumni. We have a lot to be proud of and much to be grateful for. Our Institute continues to grow and make progress, and it is because of every single one of you. Your enthusiasm, your thoughtfulness, and your engagement elevate this institution. You are all a part of the history of the Gulzar Group of Institutes. So, I encourage you to enjoy your college life. You have a lot to be proud of also Please add our website to your “Favorites” and stop by frequently to keep informed of our events and participation opportunities.


Gurkirat Singh
General Secretary

Director's Message

Welcome to The Gulzar Group of Institutes – the place Where Leaders Are Made. GGI has played an instrumental role in preparing young minds for the challenges that lie ahead. Since its founding in 2009,  GGI has been a catalyst for the bright minds  Today, Gulzar Group is a premier and prestigious institute and our programs are yielding substantial results and shaping the future of the youth.If you’re a student looking for a quality education, we’ll help you turn your interests into a bright professional career. If you’re a faculty candidate committed to research and teaching, at GGI you can use your expertise to shape students’ lives and contribute to your discipline. GGI provides a positive, enriching work environment. When you are a member of the GGI campus, you are part of our family. Opportunities await and a bright future lies ahead. I invite you to join us on the journey.The Gulzar Group of Institutes fulfills its vision and mission by creating a welcoming and growth-oriented ecosystem for people from diverse backgrounds.  GGI practices fairness in all its actions is non-discriminatory, free from biases, and is just with all its stakeholders, both internal and external.

Dr. Honey Sharma


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