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The process to deal with the complaints related to internal examination

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The student’s complaints related to internal examination are resolved at various levels as stated below:

  • The student having any grievance regarding examination is first expected to approach the concerned subject teacher at the time the teacher shows the evaluated sheets to the students in the class. The concerned teacher will rectify the error if any and update the student data in the records.
  • Internal examination marks are displayed on Notice Boards of respective departments and grievance is called within seven days of the Displaying of the notice.
  • If the issue still persists, the student is required to approach the Head of the Department. The Head of the Department will take a second opinion from another senior faculty member to resolve the matter of the appeal.
  • Even if the issue is not resolved at the Head of Department and concerned subject teacher level, the student should write an application and submit the same to the office of the Head of the Internal Examination Committee and during his absence to the office of the Director. The grievance committee redresses the grievance finally.

Institutional measures to minimize the internal evaluation related to grievances

Other measures placed by the institute that help to minimize the grievances are as under:

  • MST paper moderation: Question papers are moderated in the department to keep the difficulty level neither too low nor too high.
  • Student absent in-sessional examination: If a student is unable to appear in the mid-term examination with a valid reason, he/she may appear in a re-examination conducted for the concerned subject.
  • Evaluation of answer scripts: Answer scripts are evaluated uniformly maintaining parity in the class evaluation.
  • Assessment of seminar, project, and labs: Assessment of these courses is carried out using uniform norms and by open presentations, written project/lab reports, and extent of participation in the practical work evaluated by a committee of a minimum of three experts on the related subject.

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