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Improvement in MST marks and Attendance

** Improvement in MST Marks Notice **

This notice serves to inform all students that the University’s final year examinations will commence from 12th December 2022 onwards. It is essential to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by I.K.G PTU, as the college has decided to implement strict disciplinary action, including detentions, against students with attendance below 75%.

However, we are providing a last opportunity for students to improvement in their attendance and MST marks. To facilitate this, the college has organized makeup classes and MST-3 sessions for all interested students. The charges for these makeup classes and MST-3 will be Rs. 500/- only.

To avail themselves of this opportunity, interested students must submit the fee for makeup classes to the Account Office and provide the receipt to their respective Head of Department by 5th December 2022.

By attending the makeup classes and participating in MST-3, students can achieve up to a 20% improvement in the attendance of each subject. This is a chance to rectify any shortcomings and enhance academic performance.

We kindly request all Heads of Departments to display the schedule of extra classes and library hours, as well as the MST-3 schedule (8th December to 10th December), by tomorrow at 12:00 noon. This information will allow students to plan their participation accordingly.

Make the most of this opportunity to boost your attendance and MST marks, ensuring a successful academic journey. Remember, your active engagement and dedication are key to achieving your goals. We encourage all students to seize this chance for self-improvement and academic growth.

For any further information or clarifications, please reach out to the concerned authorities. Let’s strive for excellence together and make the most of this valuable chance to enhance our academic performance.

Don’t miss this crucial chance to enhance your academic performance and seize a valuable opportunity for improvement.

Improvement in MST marks
Improvement in MST marks
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