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What is Electronics & Communication Engineering ?

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Electronics & Communication Engineering courses is an electrical engineering discipline that utilizes nonlinear and active electrical components to design electronic circuits, devices, VLSI devices, and their systems. Gulzar Group of Institutions (GGI) stands out as one of the best electronics and communications engineering colleges in Punjab, India. With its commitment to academic excellence and industry-oriented education, GGI prepares students for a successful career in the dynamic field of electronics and communications. It encompasses a wide range of areas, including the best electronics and communication colleges in Khanna, Punjab, telecommunications, signal processing, microelectronics, embedded systems, and more. ECE engineers work on the design and development of electronic circuits, components, and systems used in various applications such as telecommunications, satellite communication, mobile communication, computer networking, medical instruments, consumer electronics, and the best electronics and communication colleges in Ludhiana Punjab.

How do we see ECE at GGI?

At GGI, ECE is the most vibrant and in-demand department. Every year, we receive applications more than we can enroll, the reason being that we,

  • believe more in practical & project-based approaches,
  • have forgotten the traditional way of imparting education & skills, top electronics and communication colleges in India
  • conduct events that are entirely focused on your all-around development.

Eligibility for Diploma in ECE in GGI?

Starting from 1st Year (Three Years Degree Program)

10th with general subjects
Minimum Percentage Required- 50%

Affiliations & Approvals

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Your Future in Top Electronics & Communication Engineering College in India

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What makes us different & better from others?

Be a Global Citizen

We’re your portal to global business. Immerse yourself in the international student community from 13 countries and 21 Indian states and cultivate your potential to be a trail blazing citizen of the world. Teachers become mentors and your classmates become life-long friends. You’ll have professional connections who will support you throughout your career.

Build a Robust Network

Gulzar’s alumni aren’t just accomplished; they’re invested in your success. You’ll build a network of mentors who will stand behind you in everything you do.

Learn & Evolve

Our MBA students develop the marketing, financial and analytical knowledge essential to lead in an increasingly interconnected world. You’ll be deeply grounded in business principles and participate in experiential learning opportunities you can only find at Gulzar.

Become a Leader of the Future

As a graduate, you will be equipped with a core set of competencies including functional business knowledge, leadership and teamwork skills, analytical and critical thinking skills, awareness of domestic and global business environments, appreciation for diversity and multiculturalism, ethical and legal responsibilities and soft skills.

Ladder to a great Career

Gulzar is held in high regard by employers throughout the world. Many of our graduates go on to enjoy rewarding careers in finance, marketing, human resource and consulting. Some embrace exciting new opportunities in emerging industries, while others become trailblazing entrepreneurs.

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