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The top Btech Institute in Khanna, Punjab stands at the frontiers of disruptive technologies and global innovations. We offer class opportunities to all the members of the top Btech colleges in Punjab. From classrooms to laboratories, the amenities are both plenty and first-rate. Most important of all, the teaching and non-teaching staff at the best Institute in India combine in them the caliber and culture to help students fulfill their higher education goals. Our students have chosen us


  • Because Gulzar group of institutions offers one of the most flexible 28-degree programs approved by the state university, Punjab Technical University.
  • Because you’re personally going to ensure this place will be better off when you leave than when you arrive. All of our students participate in loads of activities and Top programs before graduating.
  • Because you and your friends are going places: Ludhiana is strategically placed at the foothills of The Himalayas, 65 km from City Beautiful Chandigarh, and only a 4-hour adventurous road journey from Delhi NCR.
  • You’re coming from places, too: Gulzar students come from 14 countries and all 24 states.
  • Because we do our best to make a Gulzar education affordable: There are many scholarship programs available both through the state and the Institute.
  • Because you’ll be set up for success: our best Placement Center and Entrepreneurship Center have information and job postings for more than 400+ companies and magnificent modules for sustainable startups. If continuing your education is in your plans, the Gulzar Group of Institutions offers the best MBA institute in Punjab.
  • Because Gulzar has invested extensively in new teaching facilities. It is providing the best teaching and learning environment.
  • Because Gulzar plays a major role in grooming future leaders who can make a positive difference in the world around them. Gulzar is a comprehensive top institute having multidisciplinary programs that include Medical Lab Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Engineering Sciences, top computer science engineering colleges in Punjab, Management Sciences, the best fashion designing colleges in India, the best hotel management institute in Punjab, the top travel and tourism institute in Punjab, Applied Sciences, and best Journalism & Mass Communications colleges in Punjab.
  • Because at Gulzar you join a thriving top alumni network, combining your degree with career connections that can set you up for success.
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