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Guest Lecture; News 18

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC) at its campus recently had the privilege of welcoming Mr. Rohit Gaur, Senior Correspondent from NEWS 18. Mr. Gaur delivered a talk on the topic of yellow journalism in India, which was highly informative and engaging.

Yellow journalism is a term used to describe sensationalist and exaggerated reporting, often aimed at increasing circulation and viewership. The discussion shed light on how this phenomenon has become pervasive in Indian media, with several media houses resorting to sensationalism in order to grab the attention of their audiences. Mr. Gaur highlighted the negative impact of yellow journalism on the society, such as spreading misinformation, promoting sensationalism, and compromising the ethics of journalism.

The talk was followed by an interactive Q&A session, which provided an opportunity for the students to engage with Mr. Gaur and gain insights into the world of journalism. The Department of JMC believes that such sessions are crucial for the development of students’ critical thinking skills, and it hopes to continue organizing such events in the future.

Overall, Mr. Rohit Gaur’s visit to the JMC campus was a great learning experience for the students and faculty alike, and it will help to foster a deeper understanding of the nuances of journalism and the media industry.

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