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Guest Lecture From News 18

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC) at its campus recently had the privilege of welcoming Mr. Rohit Gaur, Senior Correspondent from News 18, for a highly informative and engaging guest lecture from News 18. Mr. Gaur’s talk revolved around the topic of yellow journalism in India, shedding light on its pervasive nature in Indian media.

During the guest lecture from News 18, Mr. Gaur emphasized the negative impact of yellow journalism on society, including the spread of misinformation, promotion of sensationalism, and compromise of journalistic ethics. Mr. Rohit Gaur, Senior Correspondent from News 18 provided valuable insights into the world of journalism, and the interactive Q&A session following the talk offered students a unique opportunity to engage directly with Mr. Gaur.

The Department of JMC recognizes the significance of such Mr. Rohit Gaur in nurturing students’ critical thinking skills. It remains committed to organizing similar events in the future to further enhance students’ understanding of the nuances of journalism and the media industry.

Mr. Rohit Gaur is an esteemed Senior Correspondent at News 18, known for his profound knowledge and experience in the field of journalism. With a distinguished career spanning several years, he has established himself as a respected voice in the industry.

Having covered a wide range of significant news events, Mr. Gaur brings a wealth of expertise and insights to his work. His dedication to upholding journalistic integrity and his commitment to delivering accurate and balanced news have earned him accolades and recognition in the industry.

As a guest speaker, Mr. Gaur engages his audience with his articulate speaking style and deep understanding of the subject matter. His ability to present complex topics in a simplified manner makes him an effective communicator, ensuring that his message resonates with the audience.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Mr. Gaur is known for his approachable and affable demeanor. He willingly shares his knowledge and experiences with aspiring journalists, inspiring them to pursue excellence in their chosen field.

His expertise, passion, and commitment to ethical journalism have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the attendees. The Department of JMC is grateful for his valuable contribution and looks forward to welcoming more renowned speakers like Mr. Gaur in the future.

Overall, Mr. Rohit Gaur’s visit to the JMC campus for lecture was a remarkable learning experience for both students and faculty. It contributed to fostering a deeper understanding of yellow journalism and its impact on society. The Department of JMC appreciates the insights shared during the lecture and looks forward to hosting more enriching sessions in collaboration with industry experts like Mr. Gaur.

Guest Lecture from News 18
Guest Lecture from News 18
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