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GGI student placed at SAL - Gulzar Group of Institutions

GGI student placed at SAL

GGI student placed at SAL Automotive Limited. Celebrate the achievements of our talented individuals as they embark on a remarkable journey at SAL Automotive Limited. Congratulations to MD Imran Anasri, Arashdeep Singh, Ganesh Khanal for securing this prestigious placement opportunity. At SAL Automotive Limited, these GGI students will have the chance to showcase their skills and contribute to the success of a renowned automotive company. Join us in honoring their accomplishments and wish them a prosperous career ahead. GGI student placed at SAL Automotive Limited signifies the exceptional talent nurtured at our institution and highlights the valuable industry exposure gained during their academic journey. These selected candidates possess the skills, dedication, and passion required to thrive in the automotive sector. As they begin their professional endeavors at SAL Automotive Limited, they will undoubtedly make a significant impact and pave the way for future generations of aspiring professionals. Let’s congratulate them on this momentous achievement and wish them continued success in their career at SAL Automotive Limited.

About the company:

SAL Automotive Ltd, formerly known as Swaraj Automotives Limited, is a prominent global manufacturer of Automotive Components, Seats, and Agricultural Implements. Since its establishment in 1974, SAL has emerged as a preferred supplier to the Indian Automotive Industry. The company began its journey as Punjab Scooters Limited, manufacturing the “Vijay Kesari” scooter, inaugurated by the Hon’ble President of India.

Over the years, SAL diversified its offerings. In 1986, they ventured into seat manufacturing, followed by seat mechanism production in 1994 through a technological collaboration with Fuji Kiko of Japan. In 2014, SAL expanded its product portfolio to include agricultural implements.

With a workforce comprising dedicated shop floor workers and experienced technical and managerial staff, SAL operates from an expansive works area of approximately 1.1 Million Sq. Ft. The company possesses ample facilities for the design and development of seats, seat mechanisms, and agricultural implements to cater to the needs of their valuable customers.

We are delighted to share the Following Placement news. GGI student placed at SAL Automotive Limited

GGI student placed at SAL Automotive Limited
GGI student placed at SAL Automotive Limited
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