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Fashion Design


What is Fashion Design?

Fashion design is the art of applying design, aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories. It is influenced by cultural and social attitudes, and has varied over time and place.

A fashion design course is a course that covers the art of designing beautiful clothing and fashion accessories. These courses look at the work of famous designers and the culture of the time to show students how great fashion designs come to be.

Our fashion designing course helps you learn this art and craft and take those first important steps towards an incredible life-long career:

  1. Study Fashion Design.
  2. Develop Your Skills.
  3. Focus Your Efforts.
  4. Find Your USP.
  5. Build Your Brand.
  6. Network Constantly.
  7. Be Prepared to Start Small Business Unit.
  8. Be Unwilling to Quit.

How do we see Fashion Design at GGI?

As a Fashion designer, you will be able to help create the billions of dresses, suits, shoes, and other clothing and accessories purchased every year by consumers. Designers study fashion trends, sketch designs of clothing and accessories, select colors and fabrics, and oversee the final production of their designs.  Our course will equip you with following Skills Required To Become A Successful Fashion Designer
  • High on Creativity and Artistic Skills.
  • Excellent Drawing Ability.
  • Fine Eye for Detail.
  • Strong Visualization Skills.
  • A Sharp Business Sense.
  • Interest in Evergreen Trends.
Fashion design has become highly competitive today. If you want to pursue a career in this industry, you will have to work harder and develop several other skills. It is not only about getting a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design but also about Visual Arts, General Design and even Graphic Design knowledge .  If you don’t want to just work in the fashion industry, but to actually become the driving force behind it, then you need to start with the basics. Doing this course will help you understand everything about fashion design history, manipulating clothing textiles, sketching and drawing clothes, fashion events, or managing a fashion house.
Years Experience


Years Experience
Students Graduated


Students Graduated


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Students Placed

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Eligibility for Fashion Design in GGI?

Starting from 1st Year (Three Years Degree Program)

10+2 in any stream
Minimum Percentage Required- 50%

Affiliations & Approvals

GGI is approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD
GGI-affilated to IKGPTU, jalandhar
Future Scope

Your Future in B.Sc Fashion Design

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    Fashion Designer

  • telephone-operator-4682_c9489618-836b-47ec-8489-e15f613cb10c

    Fashion Merchandiser

  • computer-network-1878_39828809-88f9-48e1-9a76-61c99401ec99

    Costume Designer

  • settings-server-1872_2e41baf2-8789-4215-b430-db35c3899936

    Graphic Designer

  • source-code-1754_2b435bd8-ce76-4910-8137-7d07a3557fa3

    Studio Proprietor

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    Textile Designer

And the list goes on.


What makes us different & better from others?

  • Be a Global Citizen
    We’re your portal to the global world. Immerse yourself in the international student community from 14 countries  and 24 Indian states and cultivate your potential to be a trailblazing citizen of the world.  Teachers become mentors and your classmates become life-long friends. You’ll have professional connections who will support you throughout your career.

  • Build a Robust Network
    Gulzar’s alumni aren’t just accomplished; they’re interested in your success. You’ll build a network of mentors who will stand behind you in everything you do.

  • Learn & Evolve
    Our Fashion Designing students develop the art and craft of Creative design, Pattern drafting, Fashion illustration, Fashion and art, Fitting, Fashion Photography. You’ll be deeply grounded in fashion design principles and participate in experiential learning opportunities you can only find at Gulzar.

  • Become a Leader of the Future
    As a graduate, you will be equipped with a core set of competencies including functional fashion designing knowledge, leadership and teamwork skills, analytical, creative, artistic and critical thinking skills, awareness of domestic and global fashion business environments, appreciation for diversity and multiculturalism, ethical and legal responsibilities and soft skills.

  • Ladder to a Great Career

    Gulzar is held in high regard by employers throughout the world. Many of our graduates will get opportunities to go on to enjoy rewarding careers like Fashion Designer, Fashion Illustrator, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Coordinator, Fashion Consultant, and Fashion Merchandiser. Then there are fashion media, design production management, fashion accessory design, quality control , and promotion of brands. You can also work as a designated Costume Designer,  Technical Designer, Graphic Designer, Production Patternmaker, or a Fashion Photographer. Some embrace exciting new opportunities in emerging industries, while others become trailblazing entrepreneurs.

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GGI is always accommodating our diverse needs and we feel like being a part of our college rather than just students.
Ganesh Kumar, CSE 8th
Course Fees

Same throughout the degree. No costly surprises