Brain Pundits –“The Power Within” Take psychological test of students of Gulzar Group of Institutes

Date: 08/06/2017

Mr.Bikram Kalsi the co-founder of Brain Pundits has taken the session of the students of GGI and he also arranged the psychological test of students and told them about their personalities as per their interest hobbies and daily habits.

Chairman of GGI S.Gurcharan Singh has welcomed the guest with presenting him a bouquet followed by lamp lighting. He said these sorts of events would help students to help them in developing their personalities so they can present their selves positively in the practical world.

Er. Gurkirat Singh Executive Director of GGI has arranged the session of Brain Pundits and told students about its advantage in practical life. He said with taking this test student will be motivated to plan things and this will help them to actually arrange their life more professionally.

Students were very happy and enjoyed the various activities during the session and took a psychological test to know more about their personalities.