Bachelor in Hotel Management & Catering Technology

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    Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology

    One of the remarkable outcomes of globalization is the tremendous growth in the hospitality industry. With India becoming a popular holiday destination, the government too is encouraging and investing in these industries. Hotel management and catering technology is the study of the hospitality industry. Hotel management and catering is a service industry which focuses on serving the needs of its clients and customers
    Degree in Hotel Management has gained importance lately especially in the past few decades and some of its success can be attributed to a blossoming tourism industry not only in India but at the global level. Today, hotels are used not only for tourism but also for seminars and conferences. Hotel Management degree gives students a thorough understanding of different cultures, religions and places. It will help them understand the needs of different people and organization. Professionally trained people are in high demand due to sudden burst in hotels and visitors all over the world.


    Practical Learning

    The students are taught requisite skills, knowledge and attitude essential to efficiently perform executive   responsibilities in this highly challenging yet innovative field.

    Global exposure

    we provide global exposure to our students by building an exceptional network of hospitality industry contacts Extensive internships are provided for practical field experience which help students to build their passion and imagination towards their work.

    Innovative methods

    – We go an extra mile to teach our students with most advance and innovative methods .The students are trained to perfect their interpersonal and communicational skills.Students would be taught to achieve competencies in designing with use of latest technologies.

    Career Opportunities

    With eating out and partying becoming a second nature to people, hotel business – big or small – is proliferating. Demand for trained professionals has been constantly growing in this industry. Due to the increasing salary and improving nature of job, career in hotel industry is now a respected option.
    A job in the hotel industry is all about making others happy and comfortable. You should be aware of the tactics to gel with the guests.
    A student who has earned a degree can work in the below mentioned sectors:

    • Club Management
    • Hotels and Restaurants
    • Hospital Administration and Catering
    • Airline Catering and Cabin Services
    • Guest Houses
    • Cruise Ship Hotel Management
    • Forest Lodges
    • Hotel & Catering Institutes
    • Catering departments- shipping companies,    banks, armed forces, and railways
    • Hotel & Tourism Associate