BA (Journalism & Mass Communication)

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    BA (Journalism & Mass Communication)

    Journalism & Mass Communication is the study of exchange information of events through mass media to a large section of population.
    Journalism is the job to gather information about some incident and organize it in an intellectual way. Journalism means including print, television, radio, Internet, and, in the past, newsreels. The role of journalism has undergone various changes through past decades with the advancement of technology and for releasing news on internet.
    Mass communication, as the name implies communicating with the people through different modes.   Mass communication generally relates to newspaper, magazine, books as well as radio, television, serials, films and even internet is used as medium for broadcasting information or news.

    Career Opportunities

    The students of this course can work in PR Companies, television & films, event management companies, publishing house etc. People with strong command over language and creative skills are generally preferred by the clients.


    Global Exposure:

    This course offers global exposure in the media and entertainment industry. It provides global platform by providing comprehensive lectures, workshops and corporate visits. This exposure helps students to understand topics relevant at national and international level.

    Hands on Experience:

    This course takes the students outside of classroom and provides hands on experience by professionals. They will get to work with real clients, learn the new age tools and gain invaluable experience.

    Theory & Practical Knowledge:

    The degree integrates theoretical & practical knowledge for the students to analyze and understand various contexts.


    • Content marketer
    • Copywriter
    • Corporate communications specialist
    • Editor
    • Grant writer
    • Public relations specialist
    • Reporter
    • Social media specialist
    • Sports information director
    • Technical writer
    • Broadcast News Analysts
    • Public Relations Specialists
    • Writers
    • Sound Engineer
    • Film Director
    • Public Relations Officer
    • Sound Mixer and Sound Recorder
    • Special Correspondent
    • TV Correspondent
    • Producer
    • Radio Jockey/ RJ
    • Screenwriter
    • Art Director
    • Editor
    • Event manager
    • Video Jockey
    • Fashion Photographer Cartoonist
    • Illustrator
    • Critic
    • Photojournalist
    • AIR - All India Radio
    • Circulation and Public Relations
    • Central Information Service
    • Legal Affairs Department
    • Journals
    • News Agencies
    • Press Information Bureau
    • Photography Companies
    • TV Channels
    • Radio Telecasting Companies
    • Websites Periodicals and Magazines
    • Newspapers
    • Advertising Agencies
    • Books and Novels
    • Blogs
    • Broadcasting Corporations