Ideas Submitted in Smart India Hackathon- World’s Biggest Hackathon

Computer Science students of GGI – Gulzar Group of Institutes submit their ideas in Smart India Hackathon -World’s Biggest Student Hackathon.

Ideas, that carries the potential to make a difference. And each one of us is celebrating!!
Well done students.
Team 1 – GGI Circuit Breakers

Team Leader – Sai Nitya Bector
Team Members
1. Vikas suman
2. Jasmeet Singh
3. Jatin Ahuja
4. Gurdev
5. Rubbecca khan shah

Idea submitted – Making AICTE website more responsive, interactive & informative for students.
Team 2 – Enigmas Crew GGI1
Concept Idea: AICTE application

Team Leader – Mansi Mahajan
Team Members
1. Gagandeep Kaur
2. Sheenu Ghai
3. Bhuvan Arora
4. Vishal Barhia
5. Harmanpreet Singh

Team 3 – GGI Code Players
Concept Idea: Placement website

Team Leader – Gurwinder Kaur
Team Members
1. Gagandeep Kaur
2. Sharon
3. Gurpreet Jassi
4. Harparkash Kaur
5. Neha Bharti

The culture of GGI encourages and supports innovation and ideas of young students.

Each one of you is full of fresh ideas,
Each one of you is full of fresh energy,
Each one of you has more potential than you think,
Each one of you can create a smart future.

Ideas need Skills. And Skills help you develop your ideas into successful product or service.
Each time you get a chance, do not let it go.
Participate honestly.
Never mind even if you fail.
Because failure does not matter.
You learn even from an honestly failed attempt – and that is what you need to do in student-life!!
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