Lecture by Anshu Gupta….. The clothing Man

Founder of GOONJ, A voice-An effort


Clothing Matters!!!

Dignity Matters!!!

Youth Matters!!!

He is a man of inspiration and touched many a hearts in a short duration of time when he delivered his lecture in GGI campus on the 1st of June, 2017 at 1.30 P.M. It was attended by the Management, Staff and students. His presentation brought tears to the eyes of many sitting there and at the end of the lecture, everyone present in the seminar hall started feeling that every small effort contributes to a huge change if channelized properly.

GOONJ was founded in 1999 by Anshu Gupta, started with 67 clothes and now deals with over 3000 tonnes of material every year. For his work with Goonj, he was awarded the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2015. 600 dedicated workforces are continuously working in 22 offices all over the country for a single cause, i.e Cloth Matters. It has evolved as a trash based and not a cash based organisation.

They work on different projects like cloth for work, Not just a piece of cloth and School to School. The projects they are working in must be different but their motto is the same ie to help the needy and to bring change in the living standards of life of the deprived. They are working with different partners and communities in the villages and trying to help them improve their infrastructural requirements. Villagers are a part of the development activities and they are paid in kind in return for their contribution.

Their work doesn’t stop here, we can see them during the occurrence of natural calamities, collecting relief supplies from people across India and distributing to the flood victims.

Managing Director of GGI congratulated Anshu Gupta for his valuable contribution and addressed all the participants to get involved in such activities for the welfare of the society. He also asked the students to visit the nearby villages and speak to them regarding their basic needs and start working towards their fulfilment. He said that GGI will support them throughout their operation.