A special evening function “Novato Fiesta” an Extravaganza for Hostel Students of GGI was organized at the campus. The event was loaded with activities for the students in which they participated and enjoyed. Student Organization committee of GGI has coordinated the entire event and was executed to the satisfaction of staff and students. Cake cutting ceremony was also the part of the event and it stole the hearts of many who were present. This event was well received by the International students along with the students of other states and the local area students.

The fashion show was the eye-catching event of the function. Students were looking awesome in special dresses and they participated in the fashion show with great delight. It was a spectacular show where students demonstrated their culture along with fashion. Students became jubilant when the stage took to dancing to the cultural tunes of Manipuri, Nepali, and J&K.

Executive Director of GGI was the chief guest of the event. He thoroughly enjoyed the function and gave a warm welcome the students of the hostel, and made them feel at home. He shared his days as a student and encouraged the students to enjoy life to the fullest, as life is beautiful if taken in right direction. He asked the students to learn how to balance their time between academics and non-academic activities and to bring out the best in them. He wished them good luck for their bright future.