International Admissions

How to apply?

All international applicants can apply for admission online by following the below mentioned basic steps:

Filling Up Online Admission Application Form

  • The applicant should fill up the online application form available at
  • The applicant has to ensure that the application form fields are duly filled and successfully submitted.

Qualification document (transcripts and certificates )submission through e-mail

  • The qualification documents and academic certificates supporting the admission should be scanned and sent to the college on the following.
  • E-mail If the content in his/her marks sheet/transcript is not in English,a certified English translated version must also be submitted in addition to the native language certificate.
  • In case results have not been declared, the result status should be filled as result awaited and appearing certificate shall be scanned and sent to the college along with the academic certificates.

Admission and scholarship eligibility

  • Based on the documents provided by the applicant, college international admission office will do admission and scholarship eligibility assessment and the scholarship will be determined only after the documents submitted are in line with the scholarship policy of the college.

Issuance of offer letter

  • After receiving the duly filled up online application form and successful eligibility assessment of documents submitted, the college will issue “conditional offer letter “along with “acceptance of offer letter” and “fee due invoice“.
  • “Fee due invoice” can be used to transfer the advance tuition fee as well as hostel fee (if available) by the applicant.

Transfer of advance fee along with admission acceptance letter.

  • Applicant shall be required to pay the advanced amount of tuition fee of INR 10,000 or USD 250 (as case may be) using the bank detail & admission number as mentioned on the “fee due invoice” and “conditional offer letter”.
  • The applicant shall further submit the scanned copy of the bank receipt to
  • It may take 7 to 10 days for the college to confirm the receipt of the fee.
  • Applicant shall also be required to sent a duly filled & signed copy of “acceptance of offer letter” along with the bank receipt to

Issuance of Acceptance letter to the applicant.

  • After receiving and verifying the “acceptance of offer letter” fulfillment of all the conditions as mentioned in the “offer letter” and confirmation of fee transfer by the student through e-mail, the college will issue and upload the “acceptance letter”.
  • The “acceptance letter” issued by the college can be download online and used for applying the Indian student visa. The student cannot apply for the Indian visa with conditional offer letter.
  • The student should apply for the student visa with all the other required documents accompanying his /her visa application at the nearest Indian high commission/Indian embassy in the home country. (not applicable for Nepalese and Bhutanese students)
  • It generally takes 3-4 weeks to obtain the Indian visa. It is advisable to apply for the visa well in advance and consult the Indian high commission/embassy in the home country.
  • All further communication shall be done to international admission department helpline no. +91 95920 09206  or e-mail at

Download international student guidelines.

  • After the acceptance letter is issued, the student will be required to login to a unique link (to be provided by the college in the “acceptance letter” and e-mail) using his/her login id details to download student guidelines, reporting instructions and faq’s. These documents can also be downloaded from Gulzar Group of Institutes official
  • This will give a detailed insight to the student on pre-arrival & post arrival checks.
  • The student may also request for these documents by sending a separate email to

Intimation of arrival.

  • The student should intimate about his/her arrival to the college at least 7 days before reaching the campus and shall report at the college before the last date of reporting as mentioned in the college website.
  • In case student report at college after the last date of admission, the student has to intimate the international admission department of the college and take special permission for late reporting. The student will not get any benefit related to classroom lectures. Marks or class assessment, missed due to delay in reporting.

FRRO and FSIS processing

  • The foreigner regional registration officer (FRRO) process is mandatory for all the foreign nationals (except Nepalese and Bhutanese) studying in India. TheFRRO has to be completed within first 14 days of their arrival in India. The student has to provide the college with a copy of the FRRO certificate for the record. Beyond 14 days, a penalty of USD 30 is levied by the concerned authorities to the student for FRRO registration. For more information related to FRRO you may visit the following
  • Bhutanese & Nepalese nationals shall be required to register form-S under foreign student’s information system (FSIS) processing. This is mandatory for all international students from Nepal and Bhutan.
  • Students can seek FRRO related information and help from the college through following
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