Core Values


Fairness in all our actions will mean being non-discriminatory, free from biases, and being just with all our stakeholders, internal and external.


Our conduct will be governed by the accepted principles of right and wrong. To us it will mean being morally right and good.

Student Focus

We believe that the fundamental purpose of our institution is to impart in-depth knowledge and holistic development of students and make them professionally and socially responsible. In that, we commit ourselves to channelize all our resources, energy and actions.

Continuous Learning

We recognize the need of continuously learning new ways of teaching methodologies, advancements in curriculum, new concepts, and developments in all relevant fields in which we impart education to our students. We will take significant initiatives to be in-step with these developments and keep upgrading our knowledge base suitably.


Humility for us is a state or quality of being humble. It guides how we behave with all stake holders, and is how we are recognized. For us, it means being courteously respectful, modest in behavior, attitude, or spirit, and not being arrogant or prideful.


Being responsible for us means to be dutiful, and delivering beyond our commitments. We want to be seen as trusted to do what is right or to do the things that are expected or required. Institute of Choice for students, educationists, and industry, focusing on overall development of its students by pursuing excellence in education, and provide an environment that stimulates passion and curiosity to learn and grow.